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Each week we meet online for an interactive service. After a time of preaching the live stream did deeper in reflection of how the message can apply to our daily life. The audience is encouraged to ask live questions and share their own feedback through the live chat. Following the discussion we enter into a time of worship and then close with a time to meet online face to face in the afterparty!

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Join the C365 Church Family across 4 continents and more than a dozen countries around the globe. We are a network of site churches found in online communities, homes, coffee shops and other venues around the globe. We are currently in the pre-launch stage as a new church; which means we meet one Sunday of the month for live online worship. In the weeks in between we are releasing micro-messages on our Facebook, Youtube and Instagram channels and are meeting in the Bible app and small groups

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Thank you for your interest in joining the C365 global family. Please fill out your contact information so we can connect with you! 

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    We currently are growing our team and have not officially launched our Sunday worship experiences on a weekly basis. We gather as a team each week online and currently livestream a full service the first Sunday of the month. If you are interested in joining the launch team CLICK HERE.


    C365 in person gatherings  happen in homes, coffee shops, or anywhere people can gather to meet. Attendees  participate in worship, take in the message and engage in meaningful connection and discussion together. 


    These meetings take place over online platforms such as ZOOM, Facebook or the Lobby App.  Attendees watch the worship experience together either live or on demand and engage in online discussion, relationship and prayer.

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