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Watch Parties

Watch Parties

What is a C365 Watch Party?

A Watch Party is a group of people who join each week to participate in the weekly worship experience. In addition to viewing the service together; participants engage in focused discussion, prayer and relationship with the goal of encouraging one another in their faith. 


Why should I join?

God designed us to be in community together. We can participate in worship and grow in our faith together, regardless of our location. Choose between In-Person or online Watch Parties, or join the livestream and jump into the After Party.  

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In-Person Watch Parties

These meetings happen in homes, coffee shops, or anywhere people can gather to meet. Attendees  participate in worship, take in the message and engage in meaningful connection and discussion together. 

Online Watch Parties

These meetings take place over online platforms such as ZOOM, Facebook or the Lobby App.  Attendees watch the worship experience together either live or on demand and engage in online discussion, relationship and prayer.

After Parties

After every live streamed worship experience a link is posted for our “After Party”. Using the Lobby App attendees can jump into a number of conversations of their choosing and engage in connection, discussion or prayer.

Want to get more involved?

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